Privacy Policy What data do we collect? Shhh! does not sell any personal information. Content entered in the game is not stored by Shhh! unless playing a game with a "web code", where all game data is sent to Google Firebase for the duration of the game. Data sent to Firebase falls under the privacy policy provided by Google. Google Analytics are not used in the game. Unique identifiers are generated for your device in each game you join. These identifiers are not persisted across app runs or separate games. Game data sent in local games is handled peer-to-peer and never handled by Shhh! servers. Game data sent over FaceTime is handled by the FaceTime privacy policy provided by Apple. Policy Changes We may update this privacy policy in the future. You can always view the most up-to-date policy on this page. We may also notify you of policy updates via AppStore update release notes. California Privacy Disclosures Do Not Track DNT is a setting used by browsers that allows a user to opt-out of tracking. When enabled, the browser will send a DNT signal to any websites you visit to notify them to disable any trackers. Shhh! does not have the capability to respond to DNT signals.